How Kurt Penberg does brought a revolution in kid’s world?

How Kurt Penberg does brought a revolution in kid’s world?


Boring books and traditional teaching method have made the studies dull and boring. People do not find any interests in studies any more. They study due to compulsion only but the interests. This lack of interests in studies and compulsion to learn drives students crazy. They starting to grow irritated and somehow harm themselves and their development. Especially when we talk about kids, they never do things when told. They are kings of their own world and do not like to be pushed into something. If someone tries to tell them what to do and what to not, they get irritated soon. Same things happen to studies also. We have often seen that the kids who have been forced to study without any interest, finds it difficult to cope up the pressure and gets indifferent to studies and ready to take any kind of punishments but to study. By reading child psychology one can clearly say that one cannot make a kid do things which they do not like, if you pressurize them, the results can be very unfavorable for future.

Kurt Penberg has seen the dilemma in parents of how to teach their kids. He sensed the urge to find a new way of teaching and learning. Kurt Penberg developed a completely new system of education for kids. He combined technology with the studies. He replaced the boring books and classroom lectures with soft music and colorful pictures. By selling the personalized CDs and DVDs and story books and video games, he rocked kids’ world.

How this system works?

Have you seen your kids sing a song? Have you seen your kids telling stories to other kids? Have you seen them dancing whenever music plays? I am sure you must have been. Who taught them to sing or dance or tell stories? Certainly no one taught them to do such things. They develop these skills by themselves only just by listening to the songs and by watching shows on TVs. It proves that Kids learn better with the music, videos and stories. They grab them easily and it fits in their mind forever. Kurt Penberg incorporated music and colorful pictures in studies. He invented personalized music CDs and DVDs. The CDs do not have any kind of playback song or something but it contains soft music which plays with A B C D…. and 1 2 3 4 and poems in a rhyme. Kids love music. They take the alphabets and count as music and learn them without any effort.

What has been the impact of using such systems in teaching?

Personalized music CDs and DVDs have changed the education system in United States. The kids now learn by fun and their parents have become relaxed as they knew that just need to buy their kids these CDs and DVDs of Kurt Penberg and that’s all. They do not need to force their kids to study or scold them or shout at them. Penberg did a great job which can be seen in every house of US.


Learning is certainly a very interesting thing. After all life is all about learning and enjoying but strict practices which had been adopted in education system had made learning a boring stuff and that is why kids want to run away from it. But thanks to Kurt Penberg who developed a whole new system of teaching and have made learning a better experience.  For more information visit : kurt penberg blog


How Kurt Penberg changed the current face of education system?

What is the first thing that comes in your mind while thinking of education? I am sure you must have visualized the books, bags, school, homework and notes. Do all these things really work? Are the students really interested in all these things? Are they enjoying while learning? And the most important thing is that are they really getting educated with these things?? These things should be given a second thought. Kurt Penberg gave it a thought and invented a completely new way of learning and education. He thought that by listening and watching, kids can learn more in comparison to only studying.

Why the current education system is not efficient?

The current education system understands the language of books only. It does not teach students about how to use the knowledge in real world. They educate the students by telling them to learn the lessons but it cannot be fed into the students’ mind forever. Especially when it comes to kids’ education these techniques fails badly. You cannot teach a kid to learn the poems or alphabets or count through books only. You have to feed these things in the kid’s mind.

What did Kurt Penberg suggested to teach the kids?

Kurt Penberg idea of learning was completely different. He believed in understanding the subject and its practical approach. He did an amazing experiment by selling the music CDs. The CDs were not ordinary CDs having songs in it but they were special. Penberg modified the CDs. He used the CDs to teach alphabets, counts and poems to kids. He fed the alphabets and counts, etc. in the CDs and sold them with different names. Names were also very interesting. He didn’t sell those personalized CDs with his name or by any company’s name. Instead he used to name the CDs on kid’s name. It made the CDs even more interesting.

Music CDs was not the only product sold by kurt penberg for enhancing kid’s education. After the success of music CDs which is now very popular he started to sell story books also. Stories are the very important part of everyone’s childhood. When we were young our grandparents and parents used to tell us stories which had some moral education hidden in it. The best part is kid’s even don’t come to know that they are learning. They love stories and Penberg utilized this kind of education system in his products by selling story books. Story books help the kid to develop language skills. Kids can gain knowledge about different cultures and religions and places while having fun reading his favorite story book.

Kurt Penberg’s company is now also selling games. Everyone love games and it develops team spirit, logical thinking and imagination powers. Logical thinking is a very important thing which does not comes with studying. One need to go through similar situations to understand what is right and what is wrong.  Games also develop a sense of responsibility in kids. They come to understand the importance of playing together.

Kurt Penberg’s contribution in changing in the education system is admirable. He has enhances the system by applying his efforts and logical thinking. A revolution has been brought which has changed the winds and made the learning process more easy and interesting.

Why kurt penberg says: your kid needs edutainment and personalized children music ?

Why kurt penberg says: your kid needs edutainment and personalized children music ?

Often parents struggle to provide their kids a right mix of education and entertainment.  It is natural for parents to be worried about their growing kids. They do not want them to spoil to an extent that there is no coming back or also do not want to put unwarranted pressure of learning on to them. In such cases, edutainment is the perfect solution for concerned parents.

Edutainment is professional and innovative concept of blending in education and entertainment to help kids learn alphabets, numbers and rhymes. Traditional methods of learning can be very boring and dull for kids whereas edutainment such as personalized children music and personalized songs for kids can proactively engage the students and make them learn things in a light manner.

Types of Personalized Edutainment Solutions

The personalized edutainment solutions spans personalized children music, personalized products, personalized stuffed toys and cartoon characters. These induce positive environment for learning. Since these refer to your kids directly, kids feel attached to them. Personalized children music can inspire them to sing along all the while learning numbers, alphabets and rhymes!

Personalized edutainment is the new way of learning and helps your kids to learn faster. Because kids learn proactively with it and engage with the content, they learn faster and the content stays with them. Parents can give the entire aspect of learning a new makeover with personalized edutainment solutions.

What is wrong with Traditional Education System or Technology?

The traditional learning methods do not let kids understand or create any interest for the subject. Unlike these, personalized edutainment methods create curiosity and interest in them for learning.

Nowadays, every household has computer, mobiles, laptops and tablets. Surprisingly, every kid has access to it. So, it should not come as shock that your three year kid wants to indulge in online games or play mobile games.

You, as a responsible parent, of course would not like to get him addicted to the downside of technology.  Give your kid personalized children gifts and introduce him to the positive side of technology.  These may include personalized interactive CD storybooks, DVDs and cartoon collection. These help kids to learn and enhance their creative skills.  Since these are interactive too, the minds of kids become more receptive.

How Rationalization Scores over Regular Edutainment Solutions?

Rationalization children music and personalized children gifts are customized with the name of kids which enhance the emotional and recreational value of the product. As these are customized to the name of kids, they also develop a sense of belonging towards the product and its content. Moreover, the personalized songs for kids and gifts are not limited to computing only, hence these also provide kids several reasons to be more active and venture outside too.  These develop moral, intellectual and aesthetic as well as creative sense in kids.


As per a research kids relate to visual and interactive content better. So, personalized children gifts are indeed the way to better and secure future for your kids. Researches have also established that young age is conducive to information and knowledge. So, parents should not let this golden age pass for some run-of-the-mill edutainment solutions or traditional learning methods.