About kurt Penberg

Kurt Penberg initiated a small company in San Diego with an innovative idea known as Sing Your Name in 2005. Just after 6 months, Kurt Penberg had claimed that the product line has three different CD’s with about 1500 different names. Within 3 years the product had reached to a level where it consisted of 13 CD’s, with more than 4000 names in three distinct languages. Along with this, in the end of 2006 a new line of personalized and interactive CD story books were introduced. However, today there are six different stories with more than 8000 names in five distinct languages.


kurt Penberg

Kurt Penberg initiated the series of the very first full line of personalized licensed products in January of 2005. By the September of 2007 Sing Your Name offered 16 distinct products including the main characters of Care Bears, Marvel Entertainment, Barney and Bob the builder. Now, Sing Your Name has reached the level where it includes personalized music CDs, personalized poems, interactive CD story books and personalized growth charts.


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