Become a Distributor of Kurt Penberg’s Sing Your Name and Earn Profit

Become a Distributor of Kurt Penberg’s Sing Your Name and Earn Profit

If you are in search of a business opportunity to make more profits “Sing Your Name” is the best place to go. Sing Your Name is a company started by Kurt Penberg. Kurt Penberg started the company in order to make personalized kid’s products. Today Sing Your Name is equipped with many products like personalized music CDs and DVDs, personalized story book CDs, alarm clocks, posters, growth charts, name poems, games and stuffed animals that sing kid’s name.

Why Sing Your Name?

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your business or to add more valuable products in your current business, then Sing Your Name products are the best choice. There are many reasons to choose Kurt Penberg’s Sing Your Name products.

Kurt Penberg has combined the top brands such as Care Bear, Marvel and Barney with personalized multimedia products. He has combined the powerful invention of personalization with top names of industry involved in making kid’s products. It provides your business a strong base. The brands are already popular, therefore no need to make a word out for selling the products.

Kurt Penberg has made it possible for everybody to make profits with Sing Your Name by providing the distributorship at affordable prices. One can be a distributor of Sing Your Name products with a minimum of $999.00. The profit margins are good which allows the distributor to earn more profits with Sing Your Name. You can double your investment within months.

Sing Your Name products offers a variety of products. The number of products is increasing everyday which allows the distributor to offer more to the customers. As the products are personalized one has to offer more and more names in order to meet the demands. The best thing about Sing Your Name is that it offers more products than any other industry and it also offers more names. It has covered 99.7% of the world’s kid’s names today. There is no need to create the products on demand.

Sing Your Name is a global industry and offers products in 9 distinct languages. The distributors can sell their products to English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Japanese customers. Distributors can sell products at both international levels and local levels.

Sing Your Name is growing rapidly and has already covered most of the market. Kurt Penberg has made the business of personalized product very simple and accessible to everyone. Anyone can make use of the opportunity and make money. The distributors can work from home or from shop. Distributors can also sell the products online. It provides an opportunity to be your own boss. No need to report to anyone and to get sick with the targets. Whether work part time or full time it depends upon the distributor.


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