Why kurt penberg says: your kid needs edutainment and personalized children music ?

Why kurt penberg says: your kid needs edutainment and personalized children music ?

Often parents struggle to provide their kids a right mix of education and entertainment.  It is natural for parents to be worried about their growing kids. They do not want them to spoil to an extent that there is no coming back or also do not want to put unwarranted pressure of learning on to them. In such cases, edutainment is the perfect solution for concerned parents.

Edutainment is professional and innovative concept of blending in education and entertainment to help kids learn alphabets, numbers and rhymes. Traditional methods of learning can be very boring and dull for kids whereas edutainment such as personalized children music and personalized songs for kids can proactively engage the students and make them learn things in a light manner.

Types of Personalized Edutainment Solutions

The personalized edutainment solutions spans personalized children music, personalized products, personalized stuffed toys and cartoon characters. These induce positive environment for learning. Since these refer to your kids directly, kids feel attached to them. Personalized children music can inspire them to sing along all the while learning numbers, alphabets and rhymes!

Personalized edutainment is the new way of learning and helps your kids to learn faster. Because kids learn proactively with it and engage with the content, they learn faster and the content stays with them. Parents can give the entire aspect of learning a new makeover with personalized edutainment solutions.

What is wrong with Traditional Education System or Technology?

The traditional learning methods do not let kids understand or create any interest for the subject. Unlike these, personalized edutainment methods create curiosity and interest in them for learning.

Nowadays, every household has computer, mobiles, laptops and tablets. Surprisingly, every kid has access to it. So, it should not come as shock that your three year kid wants to indulge in online games or play mobile games.

You, as a responsible parent, of course would not like to get him addicted to the downside of technology.  Give your kid personalized children gifts and introduce him to the positive side of technology.  These may include personalized interactive CD storybooks, DVDs and cartoon collection. These help kids to learn and enhance their creative skills.  Since these are interactive too, the minds of kids become more receptive.

How Rationalization Scores over Regular Edutainment Solutions?

Rationalization children music and personalized children gifts are customized with the name of kids which enhance the emotional and recreational value of the product. As these are customized to the name of kids, they also develop a sense of belonging towards the product and its content. Moreover, the personalized songs for kids and gifts are not limited to computing only, hence these also provide kids several reasons to be more active and venture outside too.  These develop moral, intellectual and aesthetic as well as creative sense in kids.


As per a research kids relate to visual and interactive content better. So, personalized children gifts are indeed the way to better and secure future for your kids. Researches have also established that young age is conducive to information and knowledge. So, parents should not let this golden age pass for some run-of-the-mill edutainment solutions or traditional learning methods.


One thought on “Why kurt penberg says: your kid needs edutainment and personalized children music ?

  1. I taught my daughter her address before she was 2 by setting it to a simple childrens tune (One little, 2 little, 3 little indians…). She is now 18 and has never forgotten it (never will).

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